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VCE Private Tutor in Melbourne

If you’re looking for VCE tutoring in Melbourne for Maths or English, turn to the highly experienced tutors at DW Tuition. We understand how important Year 12 is for students, with the final ATAR result determining the future study options available to them. We also sympathise with the huge amount of pressure, anxiety and stress this can generate.

Finding a online tutoring services and VCE tutoring service you can trust can be challenging. You cannot take any risks when it comes to the education of your child. DW Tuition is where you can find reliable VCE tutoring services for your children. All our services feature a personalised learning experience; we have a team of highly dedicated and experienced tutors who cover a wide range of subjects.

Our goal is to work with students of all backgrounds and skill levels, providing VCE tutoring in Melbourne, to make the journey less stressful and daunting. At DW Tuition, we aim to help students prepare for their exams and improve their skills so they feel confident walking into exams. Our VCE English and VCE Maths tutors can support students in achieving their personal best.


Need personalised VCE math tutoring? Connect with us today and find out how we can help you.

We combine the latest educational resources and technology to deliver quality academic content to the students. We provide additional learning materials and worksheets for our students to enhance the knowledge of contents learnt during lessons.

The Benefits of VCE Maths and English Tutoring

There are numerous benefits to receiving VCE tutoring in Melbourne from DW Tuition in Year 12. These includes:

  • Increased support via thoroughly explained course work and practice exams
  • Reinforcement of content learnt at school and a chance to seek clarification without judgment from peers at school
  • Alleviating some of the stress caused by underdeveloped study skills or insufficient exam preparations
  • Empowering the student to walk into the final exam with confidence, as they would have covered as many past exams as possible through our VCE tutoring

To help achieve these benefits, our tutors offers one-on-one private VCE tuition that’s tailored to the skill level of the student. We can provide excellent tuition on all VCE Maths and English subjects. Other VCE subjects may be offered subject to availability.


DW Tuition offers personalised online math tuition and online VCE tutoring via an easy to use platform or tradition face to face tutoring in our centre. Lessons are arranged after an initial consultation. At the consultation, we learn about your child’s academic level, talk to them about what they find challenging in the subject, discuss whether In-centre tutoring or online VCE tutoring is most suitable and pair them with a compatible tutor.

With our VCE Tutoring, lessons are used to teach and reinforce topics that are being taught at school at that moment in time. This ensures thorough understanding of the topics being covered, preparing and arming our students in preparations for SACS. Exam style questions are used throughout each topic as part of our teaching and exam preparation tool so our students are well rehearsed and unfazed by the style of questions they will face when it comes to the all important end of year exam.

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