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Professional, private tutoring service that is tailored to each individual student’s needs and
learning style and pace.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a virtual teaching method which requires using the internet on your computer, laptop or tablet. The tutor and the student meet online rather than in person at the DW Tuition centre. Lessons are one on one, where one tutor is dedicated to one student during their lesson online.

The advantages of Online Tutoring are:

  • The online convenience and flexibility.Lessons are conducted in the comfort of the student’s home without the need to commute. It can be done virtually anywhere as long as the student has internet access. So even if you are travelling, your child does not need to skip a lesson.
  • No need for the student to commute.This helps reduce the on road stress of getting your child to the Tuition Centre for their lesson. Ideal for busy families as it reduces the need to rush between each child’s extracurricular activities.
  • Ideal for students that are motivated to study,are self-discipline and has established healthy study habits. Each tutor has their own resources they can draw upon. However, unlike lessons that are conducted at our DW Tuition Centre, “at hand” resources are more limited. Hence, online lessons require your child to be prepared for their online lessons.
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What makes DW Tuition different:

  • Regardless of which method of tuition you choose, whether it’s In-centre Tuitionor Online Tuition, we deliver a customised learning experience for each of our students.
  • All lessons are private one on one tutoring with a personalised approach
  • Offer tutoring from mid Primary to VCE English and Maths levels
  • We offer obligation free consultation and assessment before commencement of lessons so we will be able to get a good gauge about your child’s ability and personality and therefore pair him or her up with a suitable, compatible tutor.
  • Our tutors have exceptional knowledge of the subjects they tutor, but most importantly they have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These are the quality necessary for them to become a DW Tuition tutor to help our students maximise learning in a fun and interactive way.
  • Weekly homework provided for the student to complete before their next lesson.
  • Regular Feedbacks to parents through Progress Reports completed by the tutors
  • Subjects we offer tutoring for includes Maths (Primary to all VCE maths), English (primary to VCE) and VCE science subjects
  • DW Tuition is a service that understands. We understand the chaos and challenges in running a house hold with school aged children and all their extracurricular activities. Should a lesson need to be changed or cancelled, we are happy to accommodate with notice.
    With DW Tuition, lessons takes place with:
  • No booking fees
  • No lock-in contracts

No hidden costs or minimum terms with no lock in contracts and flexibility for events that comes up when running a busy household.

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