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DW Tuition has been in Rowville servicing the local community since 2011.

Over the years we have tutored many satisfied students and parents. Here is a small collection of their comments and appreciations from them.

Testimonials from Parents and Students

“I just wanted to let you know about Ellie’s recent Maths test (on Pythagoras) at the end of last term. I actually had a call from her Maths teacher as he was blown away by her result.. she TOP SCORED in her class with a result of over 80% !! As you can imagine this is the first time this has ever happened so we are all extremely proud of her. What a great achievement in such a short time.”
Lynda (Parent)
“With your help Jack was able to learn to enjoy Maths, and as his understanding grew so did his confidence. We appreciate the time and effort that has been put in, and the encouragement in terms of accommodating his needs.  Your willingness and flexibility has given him the best opportunity this year…”
Pauline (Parent)
“We are so grateful that Michael has had you as his maths tutor this year. Your tuition has really given him a lot of confidence and competence. We appreciate all your enthusiastic and dedicated help.”
St Joseph’s College
Mary (Parent)
“Both Josiah & Joseph are enjoying their Methods tuition. Thanks heaps for the wonderful service you provide!”
Jen (Parent)
“Joshua has gained a lot of confidence, his marks are a proof of their success. Thank you for your assistance in making the process easy.”
Rina (Parent)
“…….thank you to you and Trung, it has been a big help for Taylor with his maths. I don’t think he would have got through otherwise. I will definitely recommend you……”
Rowville Secondary College
Julie (Parent)
“I just wanted to thank you for all your help with maths methods this year…….I would not have done as well without you! I will be recommending you to anyone who needs tutoring.”
Mater Christi College
Rhiannon (past student)
“David, just want to say a huge thank you for your wonderful tuition centre. I’m so glad the boys got to attend. DW Tuition is not merely a tuition centre! I’m especially thankful for your commitment towards their learning.”
Jen (Parent)
“Thank you for the time, care, flexibility and help over the past three years in helping Nick reach his goal of completing Year 11 maths. I have appreciated the work and concern you have invested in our son.”
Elena (Parent)
Happy DW Tuition studen
Student-improve-through-tutoring with DW Tuition
Confidence with DW Tuition
Team of DW Tuition tutors

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