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Year 12 Maths Methods Classes

Year 12 can be a very daunting year. Here at DW Tuition, we help eliminate some of that stress, especially for VCE Maths Methods.

DW Tuition offers a structured Year 12 Maths Methods Class in a small group setting. It is delivered by the founder of DW Tuition, David. The classes has been operating and fine-tuned over the years with assistance of student feedback. Having taught the VCE Maths Methods course for over 20 years, David has the ability to relay the content in the simplest and easiest way for students of all abilities to understand. With his wealth of knowledge, David will provide pointers to best tackle the more challenging exam questions.

What guides every lesson of this course is our mission statement:

We endeavour to cover all aspects of the course in a clear and concise manner, where the contents delivered are simple to understand.

The learning is delivered using a combination of theory and worked examples from both text book and exam style questions to cater for all student abilities in the group.

A solid understanding of the Maths Methods content in conjunction with exam preparation techniques is the key to a student reaching their full potential for their Maths Methods exams.

Please get in contact with us to arrange a consultation to discuss further.

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