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Tips for Finding VCE Tutors in Melbourne

If you haven’t had a child go through VCE before, you might be wondering how you can find good recommendations for a tuition centre to help improve your child’s grades. In this blog post, we’ll give you plenty of tips to help you find the best tutors for a range of subjects, including a VCE English tutor.

Ask Extended Family

If you have extended family members with young adults who have either already been through VCE or are currently in the middle of VCE, ask them if they’ve used the services of a tuition centre. You can either ask for the name of the tutor they’re using or enquire as to how they found their current VCE English tutor or other subject tutor to give you even more search options. Getting an insight into how a tutor or tuition centre has personally helped one of your relatives will allow you to quickly decide whether to hire that person or company.

Ask Your Friends

If you have friends who are parents of teenagers, you can ask them about their experiences with a tuition centre. They may have found a great VCE English tutor in the beginning, or they might have tried a few different tutors before sticking with the best one. Either way, you can benefit from their experience with one tuition centre or many. Ask your friends everything you need to know to be sure that you understand why they’re recommending a certain tutor.

Ask at Your Child’s School

If your son or daughter’s teacher is aware that they’re having difficulty at school, it might be worth checking in with the teacher for a tutor recommendation. It won’t be the first time they’ve seen a student have a hard time with a subject, and they might have professional ties to tutors that would be suitable. Track your child’s teacher down at parent teacher interviews, or call and make the request over phone. If they can help you, they likely will.

Search Online

If you have no luck with your networks – family, friends or school – then it might be time to resort to searching online. Just type in ‘VCE tutors Melbourne’ and a whole list of contenders will appear on your computer screen or mobile device. Don’t ring any right away – do a little research on each by checking their ratings on third party websites. Narrow it down to at least 3, then call each and ask them some questions to find out if they meet your criteria.

Ask the Tuition Centre

When you’re thinking of hiring a tutor, make sure you ask plenty of questions about their experience and results with previous students. Ask about their teaching style and how it’s effective at improving grades and helping kids to understand the subject matter. Questioning before you make a decision will reveal the most confident tuition centre that’s best for your child.

Enrol Your Child in Our Tuition Centre Today

If you’re looking for a top tuition centre in Melbourne, look no further than DW Tuition. Our tutors have all the necessary knowledge and interpersonal skills to engage VCE students in their studies. We explain things clearly and cater to all paces of learning. To find out more and enrol your child, call us on 0401 940 796.

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