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How a Private Tutor Can Help You Ace Your Year 12 Exams

4 Ways a Private Tutor Can Help You Ace Your Year 12 Exams

If you’re not achieving the results you want, all is not lost. A private math tutor can make the world of difference. Not only can a Year 12 maths tutor help to boost your coursework marks, but they can also improve your exam results. Below we’ll discuss four ways a private math tutor can help you ace your Year 12 exams.

1. Eliminating Problem Areas

Quite often students might be struggling with one or more distinct areas of a subject, making them feel overwhelmed or like they’re terrible at it all. This is usually not true and is simply only a feeling. Have you ever felt like this about maths? Don’t worry, because we can find you a Year 12 maths tutor who explains things in new ways so that everything finally clicks together. As more areas click into place, you will feel less overwhelmed and more motivated to study, with a newfound feeling of achievement. 

2. Exam-Specific Preparation

Exams have very specific conditions that a student needs to get used to in order to ensure their best performance. First, they must understand the course material, and a Year 12 maths tutor can help with that. The course material is the foundation of study which must be learned first. Once that foundation is laid down, a private math tutor can layer on top the techniques for successfully completing an exam. Acing an exam is less about simply knowing the material and more about knowing how to organise it on the page and how to approach each question in a logical way. Under time constraints, there will be nerves and pressure, so we also discuss these and provide tips to deal with them

3. Confidence Building

Getting help from a Year 12 maths tutor is not just about focusing on your weaknesses – it’s also about highlighting your strengths. It may feel like you’re awful at everything, but it’s unlikely that this is actually true. When you have a private math tutor, you have someone who is dedicated to your progress. You don’t have to compete with other people in the classroom for help and attention. Ideas and concepts can be repeated and explained as many times as you need them to be, allowing you to finally understand them. By building on your strengths and helping you overcome your weaknesses, you can build more and more confidence in your abilities. Confidence is key when it comes to motivation to study and relaxing enough in exam conditions in order to do a great job. 

4. Holiday Learning

It’s common for students to start to forget what they’ve learned at school over the holidays. With the help of a private math tutor, you can continue learning throughout the holidays so that you never get behind. You may even get ahead of your classmates by putting some extra work in so that you top the class. Your extra work will be well worthwhile when you realise the amazing results you can obtain. 

Need a Private Math Tutor in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a Year 12 maths tutor in Melbourne, don’t look past DW Tuition. We’ve had great results with our past students who have gone through Year 12 maths. If you’d like to get similarly outstanding results, call us on 0401 940 796.

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