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A Few Tips to Get Prepared for School in 2020

2020 has already changed the landscape of education as we know it. With the outbreak of coronavirus, we could see drastic changes in the form that education takes in Australia at this time. The circumstances are constantly evolving, but in this blog post, we will offer some timeless tips on how to be prepared for school in 2020, whatever form it takes. These are the kinds of tips our mathematics tutor and VCE English language tutor offer students all the time.

Select a Study Space

Your study space is of vital importance. No-one can think clearly when working at a desk full of clutter. For this reason, ensure that your desk is clear and clean. If you need to, just put everything that is on the surface of your desk into a box for you to go through and put away later. This will free you up to study right now. Similarly, it’s best if your workspace is in a separate room such as a spare living room or your bedroom. You can shut the door and concentrate away from TVs, radios, devices, noise, parents and siblings.

Stay Up to Date

One of the worst things you can do is let your studies slide and get behind with everything. Even if you find some subjects difficult, make the effort to stay up to date. Do a little bit of study each day rather than planning mammoth study marathons where you try to do heaps at once or cram in information in a short space of time.

Study Often in a Schedule

A great way to get into the habit of regular study is to have a schedule that you always stick to. The brain likes repeated actions, as it saves brain power. Then you can just go into automatic mode and start studying, no effort required. But when you don’t have a schedule, it takes more effort to switch into study mode.

Be Aware of Technology

In 2020, technology is becoming more and more important in education, especially after the spread of coronavirus. Take the time to become familiar with any technology your teacher, school or mathematics tutor uses to deliver lessons. If you have questions, speak up. There is no time like the present to resolve technological issues that could affect your ability to study.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Sometimes when you’re studying in VCE – perhaps you’re learning from a VCE English language tutor or a mathematics tutor – it can feel quite overwhelming and you might wonder, what’s the point? That’s when you can remind yourself of your life goals to spur you on. You might want to get into a certain course at university, or you might want to travel after VCE or start a band. Whatever your personal goal is, you can use it as motivation.

Learn More Today

In changing times, education is still as important as ever. Some timeless advice stays the same, such as using a schedule, staying up to date with your studies and selecting an appropriate study space. For more tips on getting prepared for school in 2020, contact the team at DW Tuition today.

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